CRISORD – Import Export Trading Software for Negotiation, Profit Estimate, Quote, PO, Reporting.

The Client: Phoenix Technologies, Dubai, Sharjah, UAE

Business Need: Phoenix Technology buys printing products from different supplier namely Espon, Xerox, GMG Color, Xrite, Troika, Veripress, Elpical and they sell them across the world. They have many sales persons who deal with the customers. And their purchase persons deal with their suppliers. Until this application was developed both sales team and purchase team were working in isolated environment. Hence it was difficult to know the profit margin while negotiating with supplier or customer. They needed a platform where at each stage of negotiation either with supplier or with the customer they will be able to know their profit margin.

Project Description: The Trading System CRISORD which we developed for Phoenix enabled sales person & purchase person to negotiate with the Customer & Supplier in a single view and estimate the profitability before closing the deal. It helps management to have overall visibility of business, profitability of each deal and effectiveness of each team member. With this system in place all the sales person will be more accountable for their roles and responsibility. It takes care of multiple currency and multiple iteration of negotiation which is normal in the industry. It improves their capability to execute bigger projects involving larger volume of resources (Sales Person, Purchase Person, Management, Admin, Purchased Items, and Selling Items). Now they can execute many projects in parallel. The system has also built in CRM system which provides better tracking and reporting of items across the projects, Suppliers, Customers and Implementation.

  • Negotiation with Supplier and Customer and Repeat this process until deal is closed.
  • Understand the profitability of each deal.
  • Keep track of all the history of communication during deal closure.
  • Reminder notification for all the future action items which got captured in dealing with the business. Automate the reminder process by system generated email.
  • Converting final version of the Negotiation to PO for Supplier and Quote to Customer.
  • Keeping track of all the documents for a project which are important for clarification / verification at later stage.
  • Establishing Accountability of any task/ project or implementation for Sales Person / Employee
  • Identifying root cause of any delay in the implementation
  • Management Control and better visibility of the business at anytime and anywhere.
  • Easy access for Customer/ Supplier and other business data.
  • Closing more deals with effective lead management.
  • Web Application with Client/ Server architecture, C#, Asp.Net 4.0, SQL Server 2012, Microsoft Outlook integration, Language API integration, Active Report integration for dynamic reporting.