We're delivering customized solutions. And building our own SAAS based products.

Team & management

We have a dedicated team for all the development and support work at Snaps technology. The team consists of committed and qualified engineers whose passion for technology and innovation unites us. We’re from different backgrounds and cultures. Snapstech teaches us new ways to approach challenges and solve them. We love to excel, work as a team and it’s FUN.

Soumen Hajra with 12+ years of IT experience founded Snaps Technologies. Prior to Snaps, he worked in Infosys Technology for 10 Years and Anrew Yule for 2.5 Years. He served several world class clients like Fidelity, Toshiba, Nordstrom Inc, Level(3) Communication, BNP Paribas, Belgacom in various technologies and platforms. He is highly proficient in Oracle ERP application, database management, business intelligence and internet technologies. Soumen is passionate about conceptualizing business proposals and architecting into IT enabled solutions. He is a self motivated individual with exceptional team-building skills.

Soumen graduated from NIT Durgapur and MTech in Systems Engineering from IT BHU. He was awarded the Gold Medal from BHU. Currently he is looking after products and services of Snaps Technology. He has been quietly building a strong reputation as a trustworthy IT company offering value-for-money services to its customers. His focus is to build Snaps Technology into an outstanding customer service IT organization.

Soumen Hajra

Founder & Director
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