LeadsLite – Cloud Based Easy Leads Management Software to Track and Follow Up Leads.

LeadsLite is Cloud Based Leads Management Software. It is Easy to Setup, Simple to Manage, efficient and You won’t lose brain cells trying to learn this system! Keeping track of your Leads has never been so simple and affordable.  Our system allows you to effectively communicate with customers and establish relationships with new leads. You will be increasing your profits by using your management techniques to turn leads into customers.

Website: www.leadslite.com

Why LeadsLite for Lead Tracking?

  • Google Map Integration

    Google Maps integration is inbuilt. Our map based search empowers the user to find leads in an area and optimize sales travel cost.

  • Google Calendar Integration

    One click Google Calendar integration with LeadsLite gives you a big picture of your daily schedule. Plan ahead and stay on track.

  • Customized View & Easy Search

    Customize data grid just the way you want.You can ON OFF particular column, Change Page Size and Search data in each screen while viewing data.

  • Secure & Safe

    All of the information that you obtain on the CRM will be kept safe and secure. The privacy and security of your customers information is a top priority.

  • Always Backed Up

    All your data is backed up in cloud environment. There is no chance of missing data. Also we have an interface to download all your data in CSV.

LeadsLite - Product Features

  • Customization at the company level
  • Personalization for individual sales rep
  • Importing leads to LeadsLite from Gmail, Yahoo mail
  • Data migration, Data import to LeadsLite from excel
  • Data extraction from LeadsLite
  • Order pipeline or Sales Forecast
  • Lead Management
  • Followup on Sales Leads
  • Lead Interaction History
  • Lead Tracking History

LeadsLite Benefits:

Easy management

Easy management

  • In a few simple steps, you will be on your way to the sweet smell of organization.
  • You won’t lose brain cells trying to learn this system! It is easy and efficient Leads Management Software.
  • It is easy to customized and get rid of not required fields simply by selecting or clicking a checkbox.
  • It is easy to personalized and have user specific view simply by clicking by selecting or clicking a checkbox.
Everything in one place.

Everything in one place

  • When it comes to your loyal customers, the faster your service the better. A few seconds could make all the difference.
  • You can Add, View, Edit, Delete, Assign Leads To all in the same spot.
  • Whatever you want to know about your customers is one click away!
  • Our system organizes customer data in such a way, whenever you need it, you know where to find it.
  • Search has never be so simple! Leads are searchable in different way.
  • You see the history of leads, interest of the leads, contact of the leads in the same spot.
Reports that make sense

Reports that make sense.

  • Powerful filters to get the exact data you need. You will be able to set filters on your reports to show only the most relevant information that you are needing at the time.
  • You can also create and save your customized report as many as you want. Collecting data has never been so easy!
  • The application also comes with various standard reports which helps you to take business decision.
Google Calendar

Google Calendar

Stay on task with your customers and coworkers.

Our system allows you to sync up your CRM Calendar to your Google Calendar so you have a big picture of what your day/month/year look like. This allows you to plan ahead and stay on track.