We convert Excel or Access databases into a secure web based application.

Custom Database Solutions for your Business:

We offer end to end database development and maintenance services. This is our specialty. We build database applications from scratch and we re-build, support and extend existing database systems. We’re experienced in creating an interactive front end using AJAX, JQUERY & HTML5, CSS3.
This front end is tightly coupled with the database we build. We completed several complex database project in past. Your database project with us can save you lot of time and money.

Custom Database Solutions

Our Services

What is wrong with the current Data?

  • Types of your data that need our help

    Your Organization data, Customers data, and Vendors data could be more organized to make it more meaningful and productive to your business.

  • Source of data & Duplicacy

    Existing data is residing in different source and forms like Web Forms, Excel/ CSV file, Access database, Legacy Data, Doc/Pdf. You have duplicate data in several places.

  • Unauthorized Access

    Existing data is not safe and secured. Unauthorized access could lead to business loss.

  • Reporting Issue

    Need to expand search capabilities of your data and custom search fields are needed for your specific search needs.

How can Snaps help you to resolve Data issues?

  • Data Extraction and Migration:

    We extract the data from all your sources of Excel, Access databases, legacy system, and convert them into a secure web based application as per your business need.

  • Custom Interfaces for Operational Data

    We built custom interfaces which can be used to enter or modify data for your day to day operations. Everything goes into centralized database and is stored in a relational way.

  • Analytics and Trends

    We built Data analytic which presents data summaries for interpreting patterns, showing trends.

  • Search & Intelligience Reporting

    We build you custom reports & search features with all of the fields and results you need.

Benefits from Snaps building your Custom Database Application

Centralized information: Always up to date and easy to access.

Controlled Access: You can control which users can view/ edit which data. Key business information is safe and secure.

Realtime reporting: Real time professional and interactive reports. These reports will help you to make strategic decisions.

Portable: Users can access information from anywhere and anytime.

Scalable: No storage limitations and allows for expansions.

Backed up: Automatic day to day back-ups of your data.

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Please contact us to learn more about how we can assist your company for your database development need.