Project: Development of Nationwide Online Renting Site / Portal – A Cloud Based Web Application.

2014-04-09 20:00:50 snaps
The Client: Elite Renting, Seattle, USA
Business Need:
The client needed an cloud based business to business(B2B) and business to consumer(B2C) web application for nationwide renting need. Property owner can post all the available apartment/ condo/ duplex etc. for user to view and book online. User also can contact property owner directly through www.eliterenting.com. They say “It’s time to plug into the best rentals for your needs. Search thousands of rentals.”
Project Image



Tools and Technology used: Php5, Custom framework Scalix, MySql, HTML, CSS3, XHTML, XML, javascript, Jquery, Ajax, Curl, Paypal Direct Payment Integration, Asp.net, C#, Google Map API Integration, Google Location(Latitude & Longitude) API Integration, Google Captcha, Yahoo Weather API Integration, MapQuest Direction API Integration, Twitter API Integration, JpGraph Library, Pd4ml Library for PDF generation. Lib for excel generation.
Cloud Server: Elite Renting uses following server and they all are integrated with each other.
Application Server: Amazon S3 Linux Server
My SQL DB Server: Amazon S3 Linux Server
Image Center: Amazon S3 Linux Server. We are dealing with huge images for each property.
Image Capturing Server: Amazon S3 Windows Server
Craigslist Posting Application Server: Amazon S3 Linux Server
Challenges/ Snaps Contribution/ Top Benefits:
Synchronization with third party site: We integrated Elite Renting with Hotpad, OLX, Oodle, Propbot, RentBits, Trovit, Yakaz, Zillow feed. The integration is completely automated and generates report for each integration. That way listing of each property gets changed dynamically. The feed updated all important parameter like price of property, sq. ft. , bedroom, bathroom, floor plan, unit, amenities and other in details. The application take away all the complexities from the property owner with the automated process.
The application is highly integrated with Craigslist.Org for listing the property in Craigslist. Everyday we generate 3/5 posting for each property with randomize posting titles, posting relevant content, images. These details are sent by email from the scheduler which is part of the application. The emails are sent based on property owners timezone and their preference of time. These ads gets posted in CL on daily basis.
The application is capable to capturing the Traffic Impressions/ Click from craigslist
Twitter integration: We created Twitter apps which is integrated with Elite Renting. Each property owner can use this platform for automated tweet for their property on daily basis. Automated property image/ logo tweet is also part of this application. One time set up is sufficient for use this application.
Ad Generator: The system is capable of creating and customizing posting template which is used for Craigslist posting.
Image Center: Elite renting manages all property images in different Amazon server and you can crop each images per height, width and resolution. These images are used dynamically in the entire application.
Image capture Windows Program (HTML page to Image Conversion): Elite renting had a need to creating image from the html page. We developed a separate Windows application which takes an URL and convert that into JPG image. This image is used for posting into Craigslist. That way you eliminate the entire link from the html page which is basic requirement for posting in Craigslist. This windows application are multi threaded program and capable of handling multiple request at a time. This application is running in high volume of traffic. This program is written C#, ASP.Net and hosted in seperate Amazon Windows server. Image capture program has been integrated in Elite Renting and it has huge usage in everyday’s business process.
Report Generation: There are several reports which address leads generated by Elite Renting for each property. Also pdf and excel download is also part of that. So of the report is sent to the property owner on weekly basis.
Elite Calendar: Property owner can set the exact time for generating Ads by the system which also sent by email to the property management team for review and craigslist posting. Key features are managing multiple time zone, setting based on Floor Plan / Unit, Template based, Setting Randomize Posting title.
Listing Site has many features: Some of them are Property images, property location / map, walk score, weather information, property amenities, ascents, compare floor plans/ units, availability , pricing and many more. Please check this http://eliterenting.com/community.php?id=34897
Search option: By City, State, Zip, Nearest City, Nearest Zip and Advanced Search option.
Featured listing based on the visitor’s IP address, Showing Property on Map for the current search.
Social Media integration: The site is integrated with all Social Media site and has automated tweet option.
New user registration, property information, images update can be done by the user. Also Paypal Direct Payment / Invoice is also part of this apps.
Cron job settings email notification, ad posting, automated tweet, extracting data from 3rd party etc.
Elite Renting Site Map: Here we implemented url rewrite rule using ht-access code. Site Map includes Find an Apartment, Studio Apartments, One Bedroom Apartments, Two Bedroom Apartments, Three Bedroom Apartments, Pet Friendly Apartments, Find Apartment By Name, Find Apartment By State, Find Apartment By Zip etc.
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Online business marketing platform for small medium businesses.

2014-04-09 19:56:25 snaps
The Client: Greenbenjamin.com, WA USA
Project details:
Green Benjamin is multi dimensional, multi featured business marketing platform. Green Benjamin has more than 50 integrated modules to support user, business and admin. Entire application is developed by us from scratch. We are also providing technical support on day to day basis.
Project Images:greenebjamin

Technology used: Asp.Net, C#, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, HTML, CSS, DHTML, XHTML, XML, Javascript, Jquery, Ajax, Web Service
Snaps Contribution/ Top Benefits:
Implementation of Business and Social Networking (B2B, B2C and C2C).
User login/ business login / Admin login combines more than 100 business function point.
Business information management with exhaustive list like business details, images, video, locations, maps, business keywords, SIC Category, business feeds, news, updates.
eClub for business members.
Built in Email Marketing platform for each business. Key features are Unsubscribe, managing template, email group, email import from different mail server and excel. System can filter Unsubscribed email and bounced email get deleted from the system.
Implementation of Hot Deals/ Special Offers for Online Marketing.
Business Review / Feedback and their integration with business website.
Seamless integration of business website with the Green Benjamin marketing platform for several business benefits.
Each business can maintain their own customer records for future promotion.
Online appointment booking.
Reservation management system for restaurants: Table management system, Server management, Automatic table booking, Confirmation, auto reminder features etc. Drag and Drop & color coding feature has been implemented in Table Management system.
Various custom reporting for business / admin.
Extract contact list for email id from Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Hotmail etc.
3rd party smtp mail server integration for all email communication.
Restaurant Owner can set up their Menu, Sub Menu, Item and take order online using Green Benjamin Platform.
Green benjamin provides secured script to business members for Feedback / Contact Us/ Reservation / Specials / Hot Deals integration with their official site.
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Project: Developing ERP Application Software for Metal Manufacturing Industry

2014-04-09 19:54:14 snaps
The Client: Trak Machinery LLC, TX USA
Business need:
Metal manufacturing industry rely heavily on accurate data capture to calculate cost of business. The cost includes labor cost and machine cost and inventory cost. There are huge category of inventory and each inventory has different dimension which drives the cost calculation. Any mistake for cost calculation ether loss in business or over pricing in the quotation. Also there was a need for integrated ERP application which is seamlessly integrated with employee, vendor management, customer management, cost calculator, machine operation, operation station, Vendor RFQ, Customer Quote, Order, Accounting, file management etc. This application initially has been designed for both Contract manufacturing and OEM. Real time reliable detailed reporting for management and shop floor was another major business need of this project.

Project Images:


Tools and Technology used:
Desktop Application with client/ Server architecture. C#, Asp.Net 4.0, SQL Server 2012, Microsoft Outlook integration, Language API integration, Active Report integration for dynamic reporting.
Top Challenges:
  • Till date, virtually there is no system available which is so much in detailed for deriving cost calculation.
  • Managing multi-dimension and variation product category.
  • Machine Routing and Job Cost Calculation
  • Developing Cost Calculator
  • Making highly configurable ERP application
  • Keep track of the history.
  • Several API integration
Snaps Solution & Customer Benefits:
  • Different application calculator does all the calculation and make things easy for user.
  • Cost calculation is very accurate before making a quote. It helps to close the deal with right margin.
  • Standardize business process.
  • Configurable as per user roles.
  • Integrated document management system helps business to keep the document centrally which are related to the project.
  • Easy conversion from Quote to Order to Job to Routing and Vendor RFQ. System is highly integrated.
  • Extensive reporting will help user to take easy decision.
  • It deals with multiple currencies.
  • Highly compatible with the different languages.
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Project: Developing Test application to test Leadership & Organizational Intelligences for the modern day managers.

2014-04-09 19:50:06 snaps
The Client: Vivekin Group, inc. Chapel Hill, NC, USA & Hyderabad / Chennai India.
Business need:
Following years of research at some of the world’s best business schools—Wharton, Purdue & University of Minnesota—Vivékin developed an intelligences framework that guides an organization in developing flexibilities along five different dimensions and in designing context-appropriate dynamic strategies. The VIF™ encompasses both a people aspect and an organizational aspectLeadership Intelligences™ &
Organizational Intelligences™

The methodologies invoked from evolutionary economics and ethnography, to psychology and operations management—provide a holistic, culturally-sustained, and robust approach which enables their client organizations to develop the dynamic capabilities needed to sustain competitive advantage in the face of rapid change. To enable this approach Vivékin group needed an online Test application which maps the organizational need of the individual clients which they were dealing..

Project Images:vivekin

Tools and Technology used: Technology used: Php, MySql, HTML, CSS, javascript, Jquery, Ajax, JpGraph Library, TCPDF Library, Citrus Payment Gateway Integration.
  • Initially the project started as an standalone application for business customer. But during the course of the project there was additional need to make it e-commerce platform so that individual can register/ log in, make payment and take test on the fly.
  • Dynamic radar graph PDF generation with complex business requirement.
Snaps Contribution/ Top Benefits:
  • Entire design is Responsive means it works in any Browser (IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome) and any device (Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows, Mac).
  • Admin can manage the Workshop, Group, Licensing, User role
  • Exhaustive search capability with dynamic parameter with downloading the data in Excel
  • Scoring management for the individual and the group.
  • Managing question file.
  • The application has been designed in such a way that Image type question also can be added with Text type question.
  • Admin can manage different sets of question in each Exam.
  • User has the capability to make online payment, take a test, review the result, get an report which reflects his/ her deficiency.
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Project: A Magento-Based Ecommerce Store for worldwide branded clothes.

2014-04-09 19:43:23 snaps
The Client: SunZa Designer, NJ, USA
Project details:
SunZa’s design inspiration comes from everyday living, women in different culture, nature, seasons & festivities, human mood & compassion, world music, literature, art & history. They needed an online e-commerce store for selling all their brand clothes. The store is built on Magento. We customized the theme as per their business need. Authorize.net payment integration was used for payment options like credit card, debit card, net banking and also through the cash-on-delivery (COD). Snaps Technology built the store in a duration of two weeks.
Project Images:mazento

Tools and Technology used: Magento Framework
Snaps Team’s Contribution:
  • Snaps Team contributed on the following area
  • Installed Magento Theme
  • Cache Storage Management
  • URL Rewrite Management
  • Index Management
  • Setting up Attributes, Category of the products
  • Magento Connect Manager
  • Content Management System
  • Customize the Slide show in the home page
  • Setting up Authorised Dot Net Payment Gateway
  • Integration with Pay Pal Payment
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